Protecting our Human Resouce in Africa

Thank you to our valued sponsors Africa Risk Transfer and JW Seagon for a fascinating presentation about protecting our most precious asset, OUR PEOPLE!
The event was focused on protecting human resources in Africa. The expert panel unpacked the risks that are prevalent in Africa with real-life experiences and how these risks are prevented, mitigated and transferred. We explored the insurance covers that companies should be considering if they have staff travelling into Africa. Insurance such as Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion; International Private Medical Insurance; Travel Insurance and Personal Accident or Life and Disability cover.  Most importantly we learnt who to call when you are in a hijack, hostage or any other dangerous situation and some practical skills to prevent becoming a target.
We welcome the collaboration with the Chinese business Chamber, Austcham and Amcham to strengthen our ties and collective voice.
We would also like to thank H.E Dr HN Manzini and the SA High Commission who for continued close support of the business community.