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Representing commercial relations between Mauritius and South-Africa

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The South African Chamber of Commerce in Mauritius provides a platform for the advancement of commercial relations between Mauritius and South Africa, one of the Island’s most significant trading partners. Since its inception in 2013, the Chamber has grown to more than 140 corporate and 62 individual members, both in Mauritius and South Africa, representing a variety of industry sectors including Financial Management Services, Banking, Travel, Retail, Property and Professional Services. The Chamber is a registered non-profit Association (#13259) in Mauritius, and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors from a variety of backgrounds.

Facilitating and promoting bi-lateral trade between mauritius and south africa.

Working closely with the Mauritian Board of Investment and via our network of members, the Chamber can assist South African companies or individuals looking to invest in Mauritius. The Chamber also promotes the role of Mauritius as a regional hub, and the destination of choice for the establishment of investment opportunities into the African continent.

Why Join Us

Becoming a member of the South African Chamber of Commerce in Mauritius opens your business to a world of opportunities. From free business events to accessing local and specialized information and meeting people experienced in all things Mauritian, you will certainly find benefits in joining us.

Information & Knowledge Sharing

The Chamber keeps its members up-to-date with the latest news, statistics and reports, relevant on both a global and regional level.

A Formal Representation

In terms of representation, the Chamber can respond to, or initiate general issues of business concern for its members with the relevant Mauritian governmental bodies.

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“Together, we forge connections that drive prosperity, advocate for business growth, and inspire innovation. Welcome to the SA Chamber of Commerce Mauritius, where opportunities meet ambition.”

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