Celebrating Success and New Beginnings – SACC AGM 2023 Recap

a year of success & new beginnings at the agm 2023

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the South African Chamber of Commerce in Mauritius was not merely a gathering; it was a celebration of achievements, a moment of reflection, and an embrace of exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

1. Recognizing Years of Dedication: A significant highlight was the acknowledgment of Mike Gray’s years of dedicated service to the Chamber. His unwavering commitment and contributions have played a pivotal role in shaping the Chamber’s success.

2. New Faces, Fresh Perspectives: The AGM welcomed new faces to the board, adding depth and diversity to our leadership. Nashenta Vuddamalay Zindel, Director at ENSafrica, and Warren Bacchus, General Manager at The Address Boutique Hotel and Residences, & Shane Rogel, Managing Director of South Suez, have joined our ranks. Their diverse expertise is poised to steer the Chamber towards new horizons.

3. Founders’ Legacy: It’s essential to recognize and express our gratitude to our founder members, Richard Robinson and John McIlraith, who have remained steadfast in their commitment to the Chamber’s vision. Their contributions continue to inspire.

4. Continued Partnership: A sincere thank you to our strategic partners—Sanlam, Investec, and ENS Africa. Their unwavering support and collaborative efforts, especially through our partnership with IBE (International Business Enterprise), have been instrumental in our shared success.

5. Looking Forward: As we bid farewell to a successful 2023, we eagerly anticipate the opportunities that 2024 holds. With the support of our esteemed members, we are poised for even greater accomplishments.

The AGM was more than a meeting; it was a testament to the strength of collaboration, the spirit of dedication, and the unwavering commitment of our members. As we move forward, let’s continue this journey together, creating new milestones and shaping the future of the South African Chamber of Commerce in Mauritius.

Thank you for being an integral part of our success.