Unveiling an Inspiring Morning with Stephen McGown

Unveiling an Inspiring Morning with Stephen McGown: Transforming Adversity into Attitude

We are thrilled to invite our members to an exceptional morning hosted by Investec, our esteemed strategic sponsor, in collaboration with the South African Chamber of Commerce, Mauritius. Prepare to be captivated and inspired as we present our distinguished international guest speaker, Stephen McGown – a remarkable individual whose journey epitomizes resilience and the power of the human spirit.

About Stephen McGown:

Stephen McGown’s story is one of courage, survival, and unwavering determination. Abducted by Al Qaeda, he faced almost six years of captivity in Mali, emerging as the longest-held surviving Al Qaeda hostage worldwide. His journey through adversity led him to a remarkable perspective: “freedom is an attitude.” Now, as a best-selling author and the recipient of the South African Book Awards in the adult non-fiction category, Stephen is ready to share his remarkable journey with you.

Event Details:

Date: Wednesday, 6th September


🕗 08:00 – Arrival and Registration

🕣 08:30 – Start

🕙 10:45 – End


The Precinct, 4th Floor

M2 Junction, B11 Fond du Sac

MU Road, Grand Baie

What to Expect:

In this captivating talk, Stephen will delve into his life-altering experience and the transformative power of his attitude. He will share how he not only survived but thrived amidst the most challenging circumstances, ultimately transitioning from victim to survivor. His story shines a light on the incredible strength of the human spirit and offers a new perspective on overcoming challenges.

Why Attend:

This is an extraordinary opportunity to gain insights from someone who has not only faced adversity but conquered it. Stephen’s story will leave you with a renewed sense of resilience and an empowered outlook on challenges. Don’t miss this chance to hear firsthand from a true survivor and be inspired to reshape your own attitude towards obstacles. Join us as we gather to celebrate the indomitable human spirit, learn from a true survivor, and discover how to transform adversity into attitude. We look forward to sharing this unforgettable experience with you.